Cloud database SQL Server

Cloud database SQL Server provides more economical, more professional, more efficient, and more reliable database services. Supports applications based on the Windows architecture, provides a Web interface for configuration and operation of the database, and provides reliable data backup and recovery, security management, monitoring and other functional support.

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Product advantages

Product Features

  • Flexible billing, strong scalability
    Multi-version selection: provide different version selection, close to business needs.
    Flexible expansion: memory, disk space, etc. can be upgraded at any time as needed.
    High configuration exclusive: Supports up to 8-core CPU, 32GB memory, 500G storage space.
    Read-only instance: horizontally expand the database read capacity, have an independent link address, and the application side can control the pressure distribution.
  • Automatic backup   reliable data
    Dual monitoring: dual monitoring of resources and engines.
    Data Restore: Support one-key restore of backup data to the current instance.
    Auto Backup: Automatically backup the MySQL database in full at the specified time and keep it for 7 days.
  • Data encryption   multiple guarantees
    Whitelist group: support the addition of whitelist groups, up to 50 groups can be created.
    Security Encryption: Provide comprehensive database security support.
    Audit log: record all access sources and access behavior information.
    Comprehensive protection: DDoS protection is automatically turned on for public network addresses to maintain business continuity.

Application scenario

Easily implement website data storage
based on MangzhuCloud Cloud server, easy website construction. And through the cloud database MySQL, the website visitor record, the storage of the registered user account list and the storage of historical data are realized.
Efficient data storage
It can provide reliable and cost-effective data storage for e-commerce applications, allowing applications to run quickly and safely on the network.
Elastic expansion and contraction, efficient and fast recovery
based on MangzhuCloud Cloud server and cloud database MySQL realize high-availability and elastic expansion and expansion performance. With the help of the cloud database MySQL at any point in time and the feature of supporting batch operations, it can be restored to any point in time anytime, anywhere, to provide support for game replay.
Efficient three-center deployment architecture
Build a three-layer data security protection network before, during and after the event, and use dual-machine hot standby, a three-center deployment architecture in the same city and remote locations to fully meet financial-level compliance and reliability requirements.

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