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Notice of telecom fraud against recent overseas calls posing as our staff.

Time:2022-06-20 14:17:26

Mangzhu (Hefeng) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

For the recent overseas calls impersonating our staff to implement telecommunications fraud notice



Hello everyone!

Our company received a complaint from a customer from Jiangsu Province at 3:52 a.m. on Monday, June 20, 2022, saying that our ICP filing specialist (an employee of the mainland China operation team) defrauded the customer Mr. Zhong. After verification, The employee number 0622** provided by Mr. Zhong does not exist in our employee retrieval system, and belongs to overseas illegal fraudsters. Here we call on all the general public to download the Chinese national anti-fraud APP. Here we solemnly promise that according to the relevant tweets of Mangbamboo (Hefeng) Network Technology Co., Ltd., our company will not easily contact or ask any customer to charge fees in a disguised form. Our company has a complete and safe fee control system. The entire official website is charged electronically. If it involves content that is not in the list of charges, please do not believe it to prevent you from being deceived.

Our company's operating entity in mainland China, Mangzhu (Hefeng) Network Technology Co., Ltd.'s brand "Mangosteen Cloud", has an integrated fee control list on the official website, and all fees are electronically charged. Among them, ICP filing is the only fee for our company. The project is the cost of the curtain, the unit price of inkjet + postage is 25.00 yuan / piece, and it is charged for the electronic official website. Our financial, sales, and technical departments will not contact the customer to charge separately, and any employee of our company will not be private. Customer charges.

Our company's electronic platform domain name: China mainland station www.mangzhuyun.com international overseas global (except mainland China) intl.kmyun.net

The only official contact information (universal for the whole station, regardless of domestic and overseas)

Mainland China Marketing Center: 17671349520

Overseas International Marketing Center: +86.17671349520

Alipay account number in mainland China: mangzhucloud@sina.com

Overseas (overseas) collection account (PayPal): admin@kmyun.net

Here, we are very grateful to our customers for their support all the way, and we also ask customers to provide more help. If you encounter scams or are defrauded, please contact our company.

You can contact us by mail:

The person in charge of mainland China email zhouguohui@fmvps.com

Overseas contact email: admin@kmyun.net

Best regards!

Mangzhu (Hefeng) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

June 20, 2022